Thursday, March 17, 2011

PriCe LiSt & PRoDuCt

keychain + dolly

single side

price: RM 5

max characters: 6 characters

(20sen for each additional item)

How to book

- Define and design the item you want
- Fill the order form to complete
- Wait for our company to email you all the information (eg account number, total, etc.)
- Continue to make payments
- In a few days (depending on the waiting list), please wait posto mail box in front of you to receive the item you ordered

* purchase of RM30 and above will get free gift or free postage. can select either 1 0key

MuSt ReaD

Only serious buyer only who are eligible to buy the Double Fs shop.backout buyer will not be entertained
- Prices shown do not include shipping costs
- Any oder made ​​to pay first and then the reservation will be completed as soon as possible
- Double Fs member priority to customers who pay in advance. Despite its customers to provide information about the book but have not made ​​the payment will be deemed not received any orders from customers
- Any book, valued customer order form to fill in completely and correctly
- Our products are 100% hand made and very satisfying
- All orders will be completed according to the list. please be patient

Friday, June 18, 2010

blog ini msh baru lg..